Two Mennonite brothers, Willard and Curtis Martin, grew up in Pennsylvania alongside their dad Isaac. Since 1960, the Martin Family has built several thousand homes as well as other commercial and land development projects. With these years of construction experience, they founded Dry Creek Mini Barns, Inc. in Lebec, California in 2003.

Many years later, Dry Creek Mini Barns became California’s premier factory-direct shed, steel and wood horse barn, and storage building manufacturer, with thousands of sheds built and sold throughout California and growing markets in Nevada and Arizona.

In 2015, CEO and Visionary Jonathan Ulrich, incorporated Ulrich Holdings with a vision to expand nationally, working together with many other small family businesses with incredible work ethics. By 2017, the first rental lease company was acquired in Bakersfield, California. In 2018 a partnership was formed with Willard Martin from Dry Creek Mini Barns, a 12-year-old company in California, as well as with Steve Byler of Byler Barns, a 46-year-old company in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

At Ulrich, we have built and sold thousands of sheds, cabins, garages, and outdoor living structures in California, Texas, and Virginia. As the highest rated shed company in America, we are strategically expanding into more U.S. markets. With a combined 250 years of industry management experience, we offer a unique ability to truly understand your needs and find solutions for them with a 5-star experience.


  • We will deliver your structure free of defects.
  • We will provide a limited warranty of up to 20 years (depending on product) covering all materials and parts from the very base of the floor to the last shingle on the roof.

Easy Rent To Own.
No credit check. Design the perfect shed, and you get it delivered to your backyard!

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